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Drum roll, please…

The book my niece and my sister wrote (and my niece finished) is now available through Amazon. This memoir was a labor of love started by my niece and sister Vicki shortly after Vicki was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. When my sister could no longer contribute to the book, my niece continued the project, using Vicki’s e-mail messages to include her voice for as far into the story as possible.

Here’s the official Amazon description of the book:

Love You So Much, A Shared MemoirLove you so much, a shared memoir is the story of Vicki and Karen, a mother and daughter writing in separate voices about the nearly five years in which they battle Vicki’s ovarian cancer, plan a wedding, struggle with infertility, experience the joy of pregnancy, navigate the first and last days of marriage, begin and retire from careers, move across continents, visit each other as often as possible, and decide to write a book about it all. Along their journey, they discovered that life doesn’t stop with a cancer diagnosis – sometimes it even accelerates, as theirs certainly did. More than thirty thousand women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in North America and the UK alone. Any of them could have written about her cancer experience, and many have. What is unique about this book is that it is the shared story of a mother and daughter, each of them writing from her unique perspective about coping with cancer as life moves forward in unpredictable ways. This story is one of the lasting legacies of Vicki Greve, a woman who persevered through her battle against ovarian cancer with style and grace. It was written by women for women and their families, to which millions of women – and men – will relate. Proceeds will be donated in support of cancer research.
By Victoria Zacheis Greve and Karen Greve Young (@KarenGreveYoung). Available on Amazon and coming soon on Kindle.
Characters in the Book

Characters in the Book

To properly launch the book, my niece hosted a party on Friday, August 19, which would have been my sister’s 66th birthday. The house and yard were filled with flowers and people, celebrating this achievement and supporting the cause of ovarian cancer awareness. I know that Vicki would have been so proud of her daughter; I certainly am.

Among the pictures included in the book are a few truly embarrassing shots of me and one happy group photo of some of the quilters who helped create Teal Beauty, a quilt made to raise money for cancer research at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, UK.

For more information about the book, visit http://www.OvarianCancerMemoir.com.

You can also like Ovarian Cancer Memoir on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.

To buy the book, visit Amazon.

If you are local to Northern Virginia, I have a box of books and I’m happy to save you the postage. Either comment on this blog post or e-mail me directly at Cyndi@MoonlightingQuilts.com.

Last, Vicki would want me to include the often overlooked symptoms of this silent cancer:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Urinary urgency or frequency
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly

If you or someone you know has these symptoms almost daily for more than a few weeks, you should see your doctor, preferably a gynecologist. Please don’t wait, and don’t hesitate to be our own advocate if your doctor cannot satisfactorily diagnose or relieve your symptoms.

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