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What a weekend this has  been!

bigdaisies1It started in Williamsburg with the Colonial Piecemakers’ Quilt Guild. I had such a good time with these quilters! On Friday, we spent all day playing with Tsukineko Inks. We used the Fantastix applicators to learn how to control the ink and then we mixed the inks with aloe gel to see what kinds of effects we could get. We colored in commercially available black-and-white fabrics and we explored rubber stamps and traced designs. It was great to spend the day with such talented artists!

sherrystreesOn Saturday, I started the day at the guild meeting. I’ve never seen such a show and tell. This guild is working through a year-long UFO challenge and the first round of finished quilts was literally a parade around the room.  Impressive. I presented my lecture, “Overcoming Quilter’s Block,” and then we had a full house for my “Trees” workshop. I love seeing all of the different results that can come from the same pattern.

cherryblossoms2009Back home again, my husband and I went into D.C. to see the cherry blossoms. I’m always wowed when I see all of that lovely color in a metropolitan setting. And did I mention the people? Apparently, today was a great day to visit D.C. I know this because there were more people than there were blossoms! I was happy to see so many people enjoying the beautiful day. And you’ll be pleased to know that I did not correct the tourist who pointed to the Washington Monument and exclaimed, “Look! There’s that pencil building or whatever you call it!”

And so, the weekend is coming to a close. I’ve put some miles on the truck and I’ve met some wonderful quilters. I’ve seen some sights and I’ve had some fun. Now it’s time to rest up for the next adventure — or whatever you call it!


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