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It’s been a while since the Annex has opened, and I’ve finally figured out how to get images into my posts.  Now, if I could just figure out the formatting.  Anyway, on to the pictures!

Design Wall at the AnnexThis first image captures the design wall at the Annex with four remarkable art quilts.  The top left and bottom right quilts are by Stacey Northrup. The quilt on the top right is by Kate Kane and the bottom left is by Catherine Armstrong.  

Pat Hildebrand and Karla VernonTwo more quilts!  The one on the left is by Pat Hildebrand and the one on the right is by Karla Vernon.  Did you notice that the design wall is covered with black felt instead of the typical white felt?  If you are planning to enter your quilts into shows, use black on your design wall.  Then, you’ll be able to design your quilt on the same color background as most shows use.

Quilts by Mary Ellen Simmons and Mary Ann ShepardThese quilts are by Mary Ellen Simmons and Mary Ann Shepard.  Mary Ellen’s quilt (on the left) was done in response to a challenge I issued.  My husband took the original photo during a trip to London.  These steps actually exist in South Kensington.  Yes, the milk bottles were right there in front of the door. The cat was Mary Ellen’s idea.

Stacey Northrup's TreesThis one’s by Stacey Northrup.  She began this quilt during a workshop I did for her guild.  What I love about this is that she took the “Trees” pattern from the workshop and made it her own.  I can’t wait to see the rest of her series!

Jane Brown's Color WheelThis color wheel is by Jane Brown.  She combined two different assignments to create this piece: a color wheel and an achromatic quilt.  Great combination.

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